Daniel is an incredible photographer and has been passing on his wisdom at the world-renowned Foundation Workshop for many years.

His eye for light coupled with his ability to put people instantly at ease helps him create stunning portraits which is clients seek him out for. Speaking about his talk at Elevate:

“For the past decade, we have came to realize that it doesn’t matter how beautiful and perfectly composed a picture can be if the true content of our images lack soul. We want to share with you how we have worked to re-understand light, composition and moment so that a meaningful picture uses it’s technical quality only as a vehicle to reach it’s true message and relevance to our clients.”


Daniel will be holding a 1-day working with Citlalli, on Wednesday 28th February 2018. ¬†Please get in touch with them directly by email if you’d like more details:

Email:  info@danielaguilar.net